LAUSD Budget

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Fiscal Year 2013-14

This report shows the total District budget, by major expenditure category.  The report includes funding type (General Fund or Other) and a brief explanation of the expenditure category.   

Fiscal Year 2012-13

2012-13 Categorical Programs
See the memorandum below for a response to questions regarding the following categorical programs:
Title I, Part A (Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Students)
Title II, Part A (High Quality Teachers)
Title III, Part A (Limited English Proficient)
EIA-Economic Impact Aid (Limited English Proficient and Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Students)

On March 13th, Superintendent Deasy provided an update to the Board of Education on the projected 2012-13 budget and the District's $390 million budget deficit, as well as the District's budget plan.  A 2-page summary of the plan is provided below.

On February 7th, Superintendent Deasy provided an update to the Board of Education on the projected 2012-13 budget and the District's then $557 million budget deficit.  The presentation and a 2-page summary are provided below in English and Spanish.


Fiscal Year 2011-12 Budget


Fiscal Year 2010-11 Budget


Fiscal Year 2009-10 Budget


(More financial information for the current and previous fiscal years can be found at the Office of the Chief Financial Officer website.)