Education Nation in Crisis

Education Foundation (2/23/2012) Torlakson, Brown Differ on Mandates

Philadelphia Inquirer (1/26/2012) Philadelphia School District Must Cut $400k Per Day, City Controller Says

Silicon Valley Education Foundation (1/23/2012) Districts Unenthusiastic about Brown's Tax Plan 

The Sacramento Bee (1/20/2012) Lawmakers Push Bill to Replace California School Bus Cut

McClatchy-Tribune (1/17/2012) Ala. Governor's Ed. Funding Draws Controversy

Associated Press (1/17/2012) Expansion in Pre-K Programs Curtailed in Recession

The Sacramento Bee (1/12/2012) Budget Unknowns Put School District Planners in Sticky Spot

Education News (1/12/2012) LAUSD's Parcel Tax Proposal Could be a Hard Sell to Voters in Tough Times 

Education Week (1/9/2012) House GOP ESEA Bill Would Give Districts Leeway on Spending for English Learners

The Sacramento Bee (1/7/2012) Jerry Brown's Budget Proposes Killing Transitional Kindergarten Funds

Associated Press (1/6/2012) Ariz. Schools Chief Cuts Aid to Tucson Over Ethnic Studies Classes

Associated Press (1/5/2012) Wash. Isn't Meeting Duty to Fund Education State Supreme Court Rules 

Associated Press (12/29/2011) State Child-Care Cuts Force Hard Choice on Parents

Education Week (12/21/2011) Will Early Education Get a Piece of New Race to Top Funding? 

Associated Press (12/20/2011) Louisiana School Budgeting Based on Outdated Figures

The Columbus Dispatch (12/19/2011) Ohio Gov's. New School-Funding Formula Delayed

Education Week (12/16/2011) Race to Top Early Learning: Tales of Woes for 3 States

Education Week (12/16/2011) Budget Deal Restores Literacy Aid, Cuts U.S. History Program

Education Week (12/16/2011) 9 States Win Race to Top Early Learning Grants

United Press International (12/15/2011) Calif. Slices More School Aid from Budget

Education Week (12/15/2011) Budget Cut for National Center on Special Education Research May Stick 

Education Week (12/15/2011) Budget Bill: Tiny Increase for Title I; Obama Ed. Programs Survive

The Press Enterprise (12/14/2011) Buses Will Roll Even with Cuts

Education News (12/14/2011) LAUSD Suing to Protect Bus Money 

Education Week (12/14/2011) Medicaid Eats Up More of State Budgets, While Education Slips 

Sign On San Diego (12/14/2011) Schools Search for Ways to Offset Busing Cuts, Districts Consider Tapping Reserves to Maintain Bus Service

Ed Source (12/14/2011) Transportation Cuts Generate Fierce Response from School Officials

Associated Press (12/13/2011) Calif. Schools Facing Mid-Year Budget Cuts

Sacramento Bee (12/13/2011) Los Angeles Schools to Sue California Over Bus Cut

The New York Times (12/13/2011) California, With Revenue Shortfalls, Will See More Budget Cuts

Associated Press (12/12/2011) Colo. Loses Latest Round in School Funding Lawsuit

Associated Press (12/7/2011) Fla. Gov. Wants a Billion Dollar Boost for Schools

Associated Press (12/6/2011) Detroit School District Achieves First Budget Surplus in Years 

The Sacramento Bee (12/6/2011) Brown Initiative Seeks Higher Taxes to Avoid Deep School Cuts

Voice of San Diego (12/6/2011) Schools' Worst Case: Cutting More Than 700 Positions

State EdWatch (12/2/2011) Washington, California Eye Tax Proposals to Support Schools

Education Week (12/2/2011) Wisconsin Districts Ask to Cut Special Ed. Budgets Without Penalty 

The Sacramento Bee (11/30/2011) Munger to File Income Tax Hike Measure for California Schools 

State EdWatch (11/29/2011) Gauging Public Opinion on Tax Hikes for Schools? Good Luck

Silicon Valley Education Foundation (11/28/2011) New Initiative: $10 B for K-12, Preschools

Associated Press (11/28/2011) Class-Size Waivers Triple for Texas Districts

The Sacramento Bee (11/28/2011) Dan Walters: Education Aimed at Specific Skills Begins a Comeback in California

EdWeeks: Politics K-12 (11/23/2011) Seven States to Compete in Race to the Top's Latest Round

St. Louis Post-Dispatch (11/22/2011) Desegregation Settlement Wipes Out District's Debt

Associated Press (11/18/2011) Calif. Budget Cuts Could Shorten School Year

The Sacramento Bee (11/17/2011) Grim California Budget Forecast Means More Cuts to Schools, Social Services

The Sacramento Bee (11/16/2011) Analyst Puts California's Deficit at Nearly $13 Billion 

The Baltimore Sun (11/14/2011) Leaders In Md. District Concerned by $5 Million Expenditure

HuffingtonPost (11/14/2011) LAUSD: $4 Million Grant Gives Parents and Starbucks Customers Power to Fund Teacher Projects 

The Sacramento Bee (11/13/2011) Dan Walters: California School Advocates Talk More Dollars Than Sense

Education News Colorado (11/1/2011) Colorado Voters Weigh Statewide Tax for Schools  

Associated Press (10/31/2011) Ind. Economy, Changes Cut Interest in Teaching Careers

The Sacramento Bee (10/31/2011) School Districts Wait to See if State Revenue Shortfalls Trigger More Cuts

Yakima Herald-Republic (10/28/2011) Educators Say 'Demoralizing' Cuts Would Have Lasting Impacts

Education Week (10/27/2011) Were Special Education, Title I, Other Programs Cut by Mistakes?

Miami Herald (10/27/2011) Miami Facing Hefty Fines Again Over Class Sizes

Education Week (10/27/2011) The Sky is Falling: Preparing for a 2% Tax Cap

Chicago Tribune (10/27/2011) Chicago Offers Charter Schools Cash to Extend the School Day

Detroit Free Press (10/26/2011) Private Dollars Fuel New Mich. District for Struggling Schools

State EdWatch (10/25/2011) When Governors Talk Education, it's About the Economy, Stupid

State EdWatch (10/25/2011) Ideas for Cutting Teacher Pension Costs for States, Charters

Associated Press (10/21/2011) Senate Rejects Obama's $30B Teacher Jobs Bill

Education Week  (10/21/2011) What Else Could We Do With $800 Million?

Education Week (10/20/2011) Early-Learning Race to the Top Contests: 35 State Applicants

The Spokesman-Review (10/12/2011) Idaho Online Class Funding Would Vary Widely

Education Week (10/11/2011) Bills Show Dueling Priorities on K-12 Spending

State EdWatch (10/11/2011) Economic, Educational Gains Seen From Out-of-School Spending 

State EdWatch (10/11/2011) ARRA Funding Cliff: States Cling to Cash as Deadlines Loom

Education Week (10/11/2011) ARRA Funding Cliff: States Cling to Cash as Deadlines Loom

State EdWatch (10/11/2011) Texas Districts Sue Over School Funding Fairness

Associated Press (9/29/2011) Shrinking Texas School Payrolls Add to Unemployed

Associated Press (9/29/2011) Calif. Districts Sue State Over School Funding Cuts

Sacramento Bee (9/28/2011) School Officials Say They'll Sue California Over Latest State Budget

Education Week (9/26/2011) Rural Superintendents Share Financial Success Secrets

Orange County Register (9/27/2011) NCLB   Waiver Rules Will Cost Calif. Billions, Schools Chief Warns

Associated Press (9/26/2011) Money Pours in for Charter Supporters in La. State Board Election

Associated Press (9/26/2011) Recession Upends Dreams of Aspiring Teachers

Chicago Tribune (9/23/2011) Chicago Schools Cut 200 Central Office Jobs to Save $16 M

Education Week (9/21/2011) Senate Panel Votes to Freeze Funding for Key K-12 Programs

Education Week (9/20/2011) Gates to Fund More Charter-District Collaborations

Dallas Morning News (9/20/2011) Texas Districts Boost Class Sizes by Claiming Financial Hardship

Education Week (9/20/2011) Pennsylvania Survey Shows Schools Layoffs, Spending of Reserves

Education Week (9/15/2011) Group to Donate $1 Million of Youth Athletic Equipment

Education Week (9/12/2011) New Federal School-Meals Rules Could Lead to Rising Lunch Prices

Education Week (9/12/2011) Race to Top Runners-Up: Favorites and Underdogs

Education Week (9/7/2011) Six States Win Striving Readers Literacy Grants

Education Weeks (9/7/2011) Lawmakers Eye School Construction to Spur Economy

Associated Press (9/6/2011) Deep Budget Cuts Lead to Textbook Shortages

Highlands Today (9/6/2011) Fla. E-Learning Mandate Puts Financial Strain on Districts

State EdWatch (9/2/2011) Cuts to K-12 Aid Take Many States Below 2008 Levels

Phi Delta Kappa International (9/1/2011) Improving Teaching and Learning When Budgets are Tight

Education Week (8/29/2011) 587 Applicants Vie for Smaller Round of i3 Grants

Associated Press (8/22/2011) To Cut Costs, 120+ Districts Shift to 4-Day Weeks

The Sacramento Bee (8/19/2011) California Loses $11.5 Million in Federal Funding for Charter Schools

California Watch (8/15/2011) State at Risk of Forfeiting Millions in Education Stimulus

Associated Press (8/10/2011) S.C     Money Going to Other States, Ed. Dept. Says

State Ed Watch (8/9/2011) U.S    . Ed. Official: States Need to Promote Union-District Cooperation 

State Ed Watch (8/3/2011) Nearly Two Dozen States Have Approved Cuts to K-12

California Watch (8/1/2011) Oversight Problems Prompt Freeze of School Reform Funds

Associated  Press (7/27/2011)  Memphis Board Takes Back Decision to Delay School

Education Week (7/26/2011) Another Victim of Budget Cuts: State Education Agencies

The Orlando Sentinel (7/25/2011) Florida Budgets $55 Million for Charters Upkeep, Public Schools Get Zero

Associated Press (7/21/2011) Memphis Delays Start of School Over Money; Mayor Says City Can't Pay

Education Week (7/18/2011) Obama Asks Corporate CEOs to Donate More to Education

Education Week (7/15/2011) Minn    . Deal Would End Shutdown by Delaying School Aid

Associated Press (7/14/2011) Ga. Gov. Pledges $10 M to Charters Hit by Ruling

Education Week (7/13/2011) End of One-Time Aid May Squeeze Special Ed. Budgets

Detroit Free Press (7/13/2011) Feds Want Detroit Officials' Hands Off Head Start Money

The Sacramento Bee (7/10/2011) Dan Walters: Legislature Has Made School Funding Even More Irrational

New York Times (7/8/2011) As Budgets Are Trimmed, Time In Class is Shortened

California Watch (7/6/2011) Education Cuts Could Shorten School Year

The Sacramento Bee (6/30/2011) Calif. Teachers Get Layoff Protection in Last-Minute Budget Deal

Education Week (6/29/2011) Districts Report Bad News on Finances

Associated Press (6/27/2011) Wis    . Gov. Signs Budget Slashing Funding for Schools

Education Week (6/27/2011) End to One-Time Aid Squeezes Special Ed. Budgets

Education Week (6/22/2011) Feds Threaten S.C. With $111 Million Cut to Special Ed.

Education News Colorado (6/21/2011) Compromise Pays Off for Colo. Schools: Revenue Rise Triggers Extra $67.5 M

Associated Press (6/16/2011) Superintendent Resigns to Cut Cash-Strapped District's Costs

State EdWatch (6/3/2011) Texas Eyes School Cuts, Big Changes to Funding Formula

Education Week (6/3/2011) School Funding Poses Hurdle for Texas Lawmakers

New York Times (6/2/2011) As Mayor Holds Firm on Teacher Layoffs, Some See Reasons Beyond Money

California Watch (6/2/2011) Spending Far From Equal Among State's School Districts, Analysis Finds

Education Week (6/1/2011) Rural Schools Hurt by Title I Funding Formula

Education Week (6/1/2011) Don't Bet on Savings from a Four-Day School Week, ECS Says

McClatchy-Tribune (5/31/2011) Proposed Law: Blast a School Budget, Attach Your Name

Education Week (5/26/2011) Race to Top Runners-Up Not Jumping at Chance to Split $200 M

Associated Press (5/26/2011) Schools Struggle to Recover Amid Years of Cuts

Education Week (5/25/2011) Too Soon to Celebrate New Early Learning Challenge Race to Top Funds  

New York Times (5/24/2011) Court Orders New Jersey to Increase Aid to Schools

The Sacramento Bee (5/18/2011) Revised California Budget Softens Blow for Schools

San Jose Mercury  News (5/16/2011) California Could Cut School Year by Several Weeks

Associated Press (5/9/2011) Calif. Teachers Launch Week of Budget Protests

Associated Press (5/9/2011) NYC Mayor Bloomberg's Budget Would Cut 1 in 12 Teachers

Education Week (5/4/2011) K-12 Uncertainty as California Gropes for Budget Fix

The Sacramento Bee (5/4/2011) California Weighs Shorter School Year as Budgets Wane

Star Tribune (5/3/2011) Corporations Pledge $13M to Minneapolis Public Schools

Education Week (4/25/2011) S.D   . Schools Plan for Doomsday Budget

The Sacramento Bee (4/25/2011) Brown's Countdown, Day 106: School Districts Force $11 Billion Question on Next Year's Budget

Education Week (4/21/2011) Delaware Plans to Freeze District's Race to the Top Funds

Education Week (4/20/2011) Federal Budget's Approval Sets Stage for Future Battles

Education Week (4/20/2011) How Will Duncan Use $700M in New Race to the Top Funds?

Education Week (4/20/2011) Policy Changes Can Help Districts Avoid a Funding Cliff

Education Week (4/19/2011) Federal History Grant Program Takes Budget Hit for Fiscal 2011

Associated Press (4/18/2011) Schools Left to Prepare Budgets Without State Aid Numbers

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (4/18/2011) Colleges Prepare to Adapt Teacher Training to Era of Budget Cuts

Education Week (4/11/2011) Race to the Top 2.0 May Be On

Associated Press (4/8/2011) N.Y   . Schools Innovating, Cooperating to Ease Cuts

Education Week (4/8/2011) Unlikely Allies Call for Shifting Spending from Prisons to Schools

Education Week and Associated Press (4/6/2011) Stimulus' End Puts Squeeze on Education Budgets

Educated Guess (4/6/2011) Time for Brown to Hit the Road

StateWatch  (3/30/2011) State Budgets Recovering, but Tough Times Await

Mercury News.Com (3/30/2011) Schools Potentially Face Tremendous Cuts

New York Times (3/27/2011) N.Y   . Budget Deal Cuts Aid to Schools and Health Care

Education Week (3/25/2011) Budget Cuts Hitting Deeper in Districts Nationwide

Education Week (3/23/2011) Striving Readers Pilot Yields Results as Budget Ax Falls

Education Week (3/21/2011) Another State Requests Waivers to Cut Special Education Spending

Associated Press (3/21/2011) Report: Calif. Budget Cuts Hit Poor Schools Harder

Fresno Bee (3/21/2011) Capitol Alert: Recession, budget crisis hitting California Schools Hard

New York Times (3/21/2011) City is Planning Major Cuts in the Construction of Schools

The San Diego Union -Tribune (3/21/2011) Worst-case Budget Could Shorten School Year

Voice of San Diego (3/20/2011) Why Isn't that Happening Here?

Education Week (3/18/2011) Writing, Performance Tasks Dumped from Missouri Exams

Education Week (3/17/2011) Senate Passes Short-Term Spending Bill Flat-Funding K-12

Education Week (3/16/2011) Budget Cuts Raise Questions About Federal Commitment to Literacy

Education Week (3/15/2011) House Passes Another Temporary Freeze for K-12

Education Foundation (3/15/2011) Districts Will Lay Off Some of their Best & Brightest Today; That Must Change

Associated Press (3/14/2011) Thousands Lend Support to Governor

Associated Press (3/14/2011) Kan  . Pension Woes Incite Fight Over School Funding

Education Week (3/14/2011) Obama Vows No Education Cuts, Calls for NCLB Fix

New York Times (3/13/2011) For Detroit Schools, Mixed Picture on Reforms

The Sacramento Bee (3/10/2011) School Districts Propose Drastic Budget Cuts that Raise Outcry

Associated Press (3/9/2011) Obama to GOP: Don't Cut Education Spending

Education Week (3/9/2011) Living by the Golden Rule for Our Nation's Schools

Associated Press (3/7/2011) Plan to Cut 6,000 Teachers Would Raise NYC Class Sizes Again

Education Week (3/4/2011) Striving Readers Pilot Yields Results as Budget Ax Falls

Education Week (3/4/2011) Congress Chops Funding for High-Profile Education Programs

Education Week (3/4/2011) Senate Dems' New Budget Plan Would Restore Ed. Funding

New York Times (3/4/2011) Education Secretary Cautions Districts About Layoffs

Education Week (3/4/2011) Striving Readers Pilot Yields Results as Budget Ax Falls

Silicon Valley Education Foundation  (3/4/2011) Duncan Criticizes Last-fired, First-hired

Education Week (3/3/2011) Stopgap Spending Bill Severs Array of Education Programs

Education Week (3/2/2011) For Federal Turnaround Funds, Think Locally

Education Week (3/2/2011) States Slow to Tap 'Edujobs' Funding

Education Week (3/1/2011) Wis  . Capitol a Sea of Bodies as Governor Discusses Budget

New York Times (2/23/2011) Largest U.S. Districts Warn of Thousands of Layoffs

Education Week (2/23/2011) Losing States in Race to Top Scramble to Meet Promises

Associated Press (2/22/2011) State OKs Closing 70 Detroit Schools, Expanding Class Sizes

Education Week (2/22/2011) Advocates Push Back Against Proposed Education Cuts

Education Week (2/22/2011) House OKs Cuts to Array of Ed. Programs, From Literacy to Teaching STEM

Associated Press (2/22/2011) More L.A. Schools Convert to Charters as Funds Dip

Education Week (2/21/2011) School Funding Gets More Controversial

Education Week (2/17/2011) Stimulus Reforms May 'Hit a Wall,' CEP Report Says

Education Week (2/18/2011) Ed. Tech Rides Wave of Stimulus Funding

Education Week (2/18/2011) House GOP Presses for Deep Cuts to Education

New York Times (2/16/2011) Bloomberg's Budget to Include Teacher Layoffs

Education News Colorado (2/16/2011) Colo  . Gov. Plans to Slash K-12 Spending: 'It's Where the Money Is'

Times Union (2/16/2011) Is a State Test Worth $6 Per Student?

Education Week (2/15/2011) Research Budgets Face Uncertain Future

Education Week (2/15/2011) Obama Issues Budget Veto Threat

Education Week (2/15/2011) Mixed Report Card for Education Stimulus After 2 Years

Education Week (2/14/2011) Conflicting Views About Education and the Economy

Education Week (2/14/2011) Obama Seeks to Shelter Education in 2012 Budget

Education Week (2/14/2011) Modest Hike for Education in Obama's 2012 Budget

Education Week (2/12/2011) Federal Watchdogs Hit Oversight Trail on Stimulus

Education Week (2/12/2011) Ed. Tech Rides Wave of Stimulus Funding

Education Week (2/10/2011) House on K-12: No Money, Some Bipartisanship, Lots to Learn

Associated Press (2/9/2011) Ind . Teachers Rally Against GOP Education Plan

Education Week (2/8/2011) Big, Big Money Problem: Finding Funds for Pell Grants

Education Week (2/3/2011) New View of School Spending in the States

Contra Costa Times (2/3/2011) Report: Calif. Schools Spent Less in the Classroom as Budgets Increased

Education Week (2/1/2011) Governors Find Education Opportunities in Budget Woes

Education Week (1/24/2011) The Limitations of Race to the Top 2.0

Associated Press (1/21/2011) NYC Suspends Teacher Bonuses Program

Education Week (1/21/2011) States and Districts: Better Spend Your Stimulus Money Now

Education Week (1/20/2011) Race to the Funding Cliff

Associated Press (1/19/2011) Public Education in Texas Faces Massive Cuts

Education Week (1/19/2011) Milwaukee Wins $20 Million for STEM Curriculum Overhaul

Education Week (1/14/2011) Can Money Be Saved in Special Education ?

Associated Press (1/12/2011) N.C.'s Largest City Might Cut 1,500 Education Jobs

Education Week (1/12/2011) What $1 Million in Education Stimulus Money Buys

Education Week (1/11/2011) Districts Scour Budgets for Potential Savings

Education Week (1/8/2011) Race to Top Winners Get Guidance on Plan Alterations

Education Week (1/6/2011) Race to the Top, the Broadway Version

Education Week (1/5/2011) Personnel Costs Prove Tough to Contain

Education Week (1/5/2011) Recession's Toll on K-12 Budgets Both Wide and Deep

The Hartford Courant (1/4/2011) State Requirement on School Spending Preventing Necessary Cuts, Conn. Group Says

Education Week (1/4/2011) Policy, Fiscal Challenges Confront State Officials

The Sacramento Bee (1/4/2011) Brown Budget Will Spare Schools if Voters Extend Tax Hikes

Education Week (1/3/2011) Does Money Matter in School Reform?

Education Week (1/3/2011) Tom Horne to Withhold Funds Over Ethnic Studies Controversy

The Associated Press (12/23/2010) Fla. Gov.-Elect Stirs Debate With Vouchers Proposal

Education Week (12/23/2010) Race to the Top: Still On? Or Off?

Education Week (12/22/2010) Temporary Budget Deal Freezes K-12 Spending

Education Week (12/22/2010) Needed: A New Way to Finance the American Dream

Education Week (12/21/2010) Senate Pulls Spending Bill With Money for Early Ed, i3

Education Week (12/20/2010) Federal Budget Update: K-12 Funding to Stay Flat--For Now

Education Week (12/16/2010) Changes for TIF, School Improvement Grants in Spending Bill

World Socialist Web Site (12/16/2010) California Budget Crisis Poses New Attacks on Teachers

Education Week (12/15/2010) L.A. OK's Corporate Sponsors in Schools, Shorter Summer

Education Week (12/13/2010) CCSSO to Congress: Let States Collaborate on Race to Top 2.0

Education Week (12/8/2010) House Dems Include Money for Race to the Top 2.0 in Giant Spending Bill

Education Week (12/7/2010) Race to Top Winners Press Ahead, Despite Pushback

The Associated Press (12/6/2010) States That Lost Race to Top Now Face Reform Dilemmas 

Education Foundation (11/29/2010) Three Districts to Radically Alter Funding

California Watchdog (11/29/2010) $1B in Teacher Compensation Under Attack

Washington Post (11/24/2010) Schools Chief Returns Race to the Top Money for His Teachers

Education Week (11/19/2010) Bill Gates on School Budgets: Cut Wisely, Change Pay Schemes

Education Week (11/15/2010) Lean Years Ahead for K-12

Associated Press (11/15/2010) Sixth State Seeks Waiver to Cut Special Education Funding

Associated Press (11/15/2010) Wealthy Texas School Districts Kept Millions

San Francisco Gate (11/10/2010) Think Tank takes Look at State's School Funding

Fresno Bee (11/10/2010) School Districts Sue to Reverse Funding Veto

The Kansas City Star (11/3/2010) More than 60 School Districts Sue Kansas Over Budget Cuts

Education Week (11/3/2010) GOP Gains Could Prompt Funding, Policy Shifts

Daily Finance (11/1/2010) Few States Pass When It Comes to Funding Schools Fairly

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (11/1/2010) Strapped Schools Ax Foreign Languages

Education Week (10/29/10) Federal Funds Fuel High School Improvement Plans

Education Week (10/27/2010) House Lawmakers Champion Early Childhood Funding

Sacramento Bee (10/26/2010) Schools Face Funding Riddle with New State Budget

Education Week (10/26/2010) South Must Build New Economy Through Education, Report Says

Education Week (10/25/2010) Colo. Plan Would Cut School Aid by $156 M, Replace With Edujobs Money

Education Week (10/11/2010) Deadlines Loom on Districts' Race To Top Plans

SF Gate (10/7/2010) California Budget Goes to Legislature for Vote

Education Week (10/7/2010) Schools Making Deep Cuts to Jobs, Programs, Report Finds

Office of the Governor (10/6/2010) Gov. Schwarzenegger Applauds Approval of Final Round of Funding for Career Technical Education

Education Week (10/4/2010) School Budget Cuts Force Parents to Dig Deep

Education Week (9/28/2010) Obama Says GOP Congress Would Cut Education Funding

Education Week (9/28/2010) Race To the Top Assessment Programs to Get Extra Funding

Education Week (9/27/2010) Groups Say ELLs Got Short Shrift in Race to the Top

Education Week (9/27/2010) President Obama Talks Unions, Race to the Top, and Money

Education Week (9/27/2010) Obama: Money Alone Can't Help Students

Star-Telegram (9/23/2010) Texas Challenges Rejection of Federal Education Funding

Education Week (9/23/2010) Facebook Founder Offers $100 M to Revamp Newark, N.J., Schools

Vermont's NPR News Source (9/20/2010) Education Head Says Education Will Suffer Under Challenges Law

Education Week (9/20/2010) Federal Aid Adds Twist to Election

Education Week (9/17/2010) Ala. Slashes School Funds After BP Delays Oil Spill Payments

The New York Times (9/10/2010) Public Schools Face Lawsuit Over Fees

Education Week (9/10/2010) Jobs Money Flowing, But Not Smoothly

Silicon Valley Education Foundation (9/10/2010) Able & Very Willing to Sign Edujobs Bill

The Foundry (9/9/2010) Outside the Beltway: LAUSD Facing Budget Cuts, School Year Delayed

Educated Guess (9/9/2010) State Shifts Cash Crisis to Schools

Contra Costa Times (9/8/2010) Governor Urged to Sign Bills to Allow for Distribution of Money to Schools

EdSource (9/2010) How Does California's Per-Pupil Expenditure Compare with that of Other States?

Sacramento Bee (9/8/2010) EdSource Report Weighs in on School Finance Debate

San Francisco Chronicle (8/25/2010) Groundwork for Next Round of Race to the Top

California Watch (8/25/2010) We Lost Again in Race to the Top. Now What?

Education Week (8/25/2010) States, Districts Mull How to Use $10 Billion in Jobs Aid

New York Times (8/24/2010) New York Wins Nearly $700 Million for Education

California Watch (8/24/2010) Civil Rights Groups Criticize Race to the Top Competition for Schools

San Francisco Chronicle (8/24/2010) Calif. Won't Get "Race to the Top" School Money

Education Week (8/23/2010) Colo. Districts Fear Ballot Measure Would Cut Off Funding

Sacramento Bee (8/202010) Schwarzenegger Budget Plan Would Borrow from CalPERS

Education Week (8/20/2010) What Will States Do When the Federal Tap Slows Down?

New York Times (8/17/2010) Given Money, Schools Wait on Rehiring Teachers

The Educated Guess (8/15/2010) Feds Willing, More of 'Worst' Schools Would Get Money

People's Daily (8/12/2010) Federal Aid Package Expected to Save 2,500 Teaching Jobs in L.A.

The Washington Times (8/6/2010) ACLU Investigates Calif. School District Fees

Sacramento Bee (8/16/2010) Steinberg: New Federal School Money Can Benefit Budget

Education Week (8/10/2010) Secretary Duncan: The Money Will Come Quickly

New York Times (8/9/2010) Inexperienced Companies Chase U.S. School Funds

The Washington Post (8/5/2010) Aid Package Aimed at Saving State Jobs Passes Key Hurdle in Senate

Fortune (7/27/2010) Summer School Goes Online

The Bay Citizen (7/23/2010) Lawsuit: California Failing Its Students

San Jose Mercury News (7/23/2010) Study: Classroom Spending Dips As Ed Funding Rises

Education Week (7/12/2010) "An 'Every-Ed' Initiative"

Sacramento Bee (7/6/2010) California Teacher Layoffs Hit Poor Performing Schools Hard

California Watch (7/2/2010) School Spending Falls Further Behind Rest of Nation

San Francisco Gate (7/2/2010) Needed-A Way to Finance the Schooling We Demand

Associated Content (7/1/2010) California Budget Crisis Leads to LAUSD Teacher Layoffs and Odd Math

New York Times (7/1/2010) House Passes $80 Billion Spending Bill

Houston Chronicle (6/30/2010) Budget Cuts More Painful at Inner-City Los Angeles Schools

Sacramento Bee (6/30/2010) Dan Walters: California Schools Hit Reality Wall

California Watch (6/29/2010) Could $416 Million Push Schools to Reform?

Education Week (6/28/2010) Latest Edujobs Draft has $10 Billion to Prevent Layoffs

Education Week (6/24/2010) Three Groups Apply for Race To the Top Test Grants

Education Week (6/24/2010) Financial Woes Afflict Summer School

The Huffington Post (6/24/2010) School Libraries Axed: Librarian Layoffs as Schools Cope with Budget Crises

Press Telegram (6/14/2010) LBUSD Budget Anticipates Lean Times

School Library Journal (6/9/2010) Los Angeles Prepares for School Librarian Cuts

Education Week (6/8/2010) Report: Tough Times Ahead for Children of the Great Recession

The Hill (6/6/2010) Liberal House Dems, Unions Push for $23B Fund to Save Jobs

USA Today (6/6/2010) Major Cuts: High Schools Face Hard Economic Lessons

New York Times (6/5/2010) Educators Are Opposed to Obama's School Plan

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School Library Journal (6/3/2010) Los Angeles Prepares for School Librarian Cuts

San Francisco Gate (6/3/2010) L.A. District Plans to Cut 200 Special Education Classes

New York Times (6/2/2010) Bloomberg Moves to Block Teachers' Raises

Associated Press (6/1/2010) California Bill Would Raise Kindergarten Age to 5

New York Times (6/1/2010) New N.Y. Schools Face Extra Pain From Layoffs

The Washington Post (5/27/2010) 100,000 Teachers Nationwide Face Layoffs

Sacramento Bee (5/23/2010) Peter Schrag: Lawsuit is Risky, But It May Help Focus School Funding

Sacramento Bee (5/21/2010) Education Coalition Sues California Over School Funding

Sacramento Bee (5/19/2010) Elk Grove Teachers Union Agrees to Concessions; Members to Vote

Orange County Register (5/18/2010) O.C. Schools Finalize More than 1,500 Teacher Cuts

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San Francisco Gate (5/5/2010) Voters in 4 Bay Area School Districts OK Taxes

New York Times (5/5/2010) Bloomberg Budget Would Cut 6,700 Teachers

San Jose Mercury News (5/5/2010) Oakland Teachers Authorize Union Leaders to Call Strike

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Press-Telegram (5/4/2010) LBUSD Chief Urges Congress to Allow District More Financial Freedom

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Sacramento Bee (5/4/2010) Recession Ravaging Region's Adult Education Classes

San Francisco Gate (5/3/2010) Race to the Top Again, California

San Francisco Gate (5/2/2010) California Bill Seeks to Raise Age for Kindergarten

San Francisco Gate (5/1/2010) State Goes After Race to the Top Round 2 Funds

New York Times (4/30/2010) Found: Matching Fund for Federal Grants

The Educated Guess (4/29/2010) Cuts to Schools Worry Californians

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San Francisco Gate (4/21/2010) N.J. Voters Reject 59 Percent of School Budgets

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Education Week (4/20/2010) Scramble Begins for $650 Million in 'i3' Funding

New York Times (4/19/2010) New Jersey Voters Asked to Pay More for Less at Schools

Education Week (4/19/2010) $3.5 Billion in Turnaround Aid Flowing to States

California Watch Blog (4/16/2010) Increasing Number of Students Will Face Shortened School Year

Press-Telegram (4/15/2010) Hard Choices and Solar Panels

Bloomberg News (4/14/2010) Fund Proposed to Prevent Some Teacher Firings

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San Diego Tribune (3/31/2010) San Diego District Won't Cut Back on 'Minimum Days'

New York Times (3/31/2010) Enforcing School Standards, At Last

Sacramento Bee (3/29/2010) Sacramento City Teachers Disagree Over Concessions

New York Times (3/30/2010) New York is Denied Grant of $700 Million for Schools

New York Times (3/30/2010) New York City May Have to Cut 8,500 Teachers

New York Times (3/27/2010) Judge Blocks Closing of 19 New York City Schools

Atlanta Journal Constitution (3/25/2010) Struggling Georgia School Firing Entire Staff

Education Week (3/24/2010) Assembly to Restore $600 M N.Y. School Aid

Teacher Magazine (3/24/2010) N.C.'s Largest City to Lay Off 600 Teachers

New York Times (3/22/2010) State Senate, Trying to Trim Deficit, Offers Budget Plan Cutting $1.4 Billion From Schools

Education Week (3/22/2010) Los Angeles Unified to Halt Out-of-District Transfers

California Watch (3/22/2010) Nearly Half of California's Largest Districts Eye Shorter School Year (3/22/2010) State Initiative Would Allow School Districts to Pass Parcel Taxes with 55 Percent of Vote

CDE (3/22/2010)  State Chief Jack O'Connell Announces Budget Crisis Leads to Dramatic Rise in School Districts on Fiscal Early Warning List

Daily Press (3/21/2010) Could School Bus Ads Save School Budgets?

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New York Times (3/16/2010) Administration Seeks Converts to Education Plan

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CDE (03/15/10)  O'Connell Urges Passage of Parcel Tax Measures to Help Students

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The Educated Guess (3/15/2010) Obama's Blueprint for California

New York Times (3/15/2010) Array of Hurdles Awaits New Education Agenda

The Mercury News (3/11/2010) San Jose Unified School District Avoids Layoffs, Cuts This School Year



Sacramento Press (3/9/2010) Sacramento School Board Approves Layoffs to Help Solve Budget Deficit (3/3/2010)  783 Layoff Notices Go Out Next Week

Sign On San Diego (3/3/2010) Teachers, Board Reach Agreement

Voice of San Diego (2/24/2010) Budget Plan Includes Shortened School Year, Fewer Tests

CBS 8/AP (2/24/2010) San Diego Unified Votes for Furlough Days in Budget Cut Plan

Contra Costa Times (2/16/2010) 750 Will Get Layoff Notices

Epoch Times (2/15/2010) San Francisco Schools Face Massive Budget Cuts

All Business:  (2/05/10) Budget Crunch

Press Telegram (1-25-2010) LBUSD to Vote Wednesday on Budget Cuts, Possible Layoffs

Sacramento Bee (1/19/2010) Another Long California Budget Battle Expected

Sacramento Bee (1/17/2010) Governor Targets Administration and Maintenance Funds

Capitol Weekly (1/7/2010) Schwarzenegger Prepares to Unveil Final Spending Plan

San Francisco Gate (1/7/2010) Governor Pledges to Spare Education from Cuts

Los Angeles Times (12/10/2009) Schwarzenegger Threatens to Veto School Reform Legislation






All Business (3/11/10) With Layoffs Looming, Furloughs for LBUSD Teachers Debated Between District, Union